Clients Feedback

I have been using this service for a year. We were assigned a really great individual to clean our office every other week. She is thorough, detail oriented, never forgets to lock our office, and the administrative side of the company is incredibly patient, understanding, and flexible. I really like that I can send payment through my bank, rather than having to leave cash each time.
Dean Winchester
I just can’t say enough about what a wonderful job they have done for us. I have now been using the service for over a year for a bi-weekly cleaning of our salon, and have been continually impressed by the high-quality cleaning and excellent customer service. Emilia and her team always reply in a timely manner and do whatever it takes to make their customers happy. I’m very glad we found them!
Patrick Jane
Great, responsive and thorough service! Been using Office Fairies for several weeks now (on an every other week schedule). Whenever I’ve reached out with an email inquiry, I get a response almost instantly. The woman who cleans our offices does a very thorough and was responsive to my requests. I appreciate that they charge us a flat rate, as opposed to hourly. I think the rate is fair for the high quality of work and reliability!