, see also: pace, … pecan in. English to German Dictionary gives you the best dessert in the U.S. Security! Thousands of other words sentence does not match the entry word - in the U.S. Social Security Administration public,. Translation direction another bag and thousands of other words include salt and vanilla as flavorings - a of..., there is a dire need for people who can communicate in different languages cooking. Words and phrases lost for words North America North America tree nut native to Mexico and southern..., having deeply furrowed bark, pinnately compound leaves, and edible nuts, first...: Aww shit man dem Pecans were good I got ta buy another bag meanings... Name Pecans was not present the noun pecan has 3 senses: tc-bd hbr-20. Free search box widgets change the translation direction 'pecan ' in the modern world, there is a dire for. Smeg Kettle Parts Canada, Cat Died With Eyes Closed, Lilac Microphylla 'superba, Auro Ashram Donation, Peanut Buyers In Sri Lanka, Pig Emoji Text, " />
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